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Staying with our romance theme, here are three recommendations for the perfect gift for a warm romantic evening.   Chateau du Tariquet Armagnac – This is a wonderful Armagnac from the Bas region of France. The history of this small, family-owned distillery reads like a romantic novel: A Spanish soldier fighting alongside the French Resistance […]

Did you know that the Pacific Coast has cradled a new generation of brilliant, innovative distillers? These new craft spirits make the perfect gift – interesting, delicious, and filled with terrior from your own back yard.   Germain-Robin XO Brandy is the Chez Panisse of craft spirits. Founded in 1982, the house immediately achieved notoriety […]

Thanksgiving is about American History. And America is about bourbon and rye. These two delicious products both have historical connections. And if things get out of hand, they go great with stuffing and gravy. Hooker’s House Bourbon We are still excited about this new double-barreled bourbon. It’s finished in Pinot Noir barrels – right here […]

For Father’s Day we’re highlighting a few of our whiskies.   Ardbeg Ten – Islay ($61) The Ardbeg Ten is like a guy who plays rugby in the rain.  It’s powerful, macho, unabashed, and covered in dirt. The predominant flavors are peat and smoke, but that’s not the whole story. Unlike most premium whiskies, it […]