Romantic Spirits

Staying with our romance theme, here are three recommendations for the perfect gift for a warm romantic evening.


Chateau du Tariquet Armagnac – This is a wonderful Armagnac from the Bas region of France. The history of this small, family-owned distillery reads like a romantic novel: A Spanish soldier fighting alongside the French Resistance during World War Two falls in love with the daughter of a French World War One veteran, who had inherited the run down vineyard. After the war the couple restores the vineyard and makes hand crafted Armagnac in the traditional style. You can taste the romance of the story in their Armagnac. We have three of their products: the VS, the 8 year, and the 12 year. Each is slightly floral, light with excellent nose and wood. The 8 and 12 year are smoother with more sophisticated palate. This is the perfect romantic drink to sip by the fire on a cold winter night. $36 VS, $48 8 Year, $60 12 Year.


Meletti Cioccolato, Chocolate Liqueur – Forget everything you know about cream liqueur – Meletti Cioccolato is simply too good to be true. This chocolate liquor is hand crafted in Italy by the same family for over 100 years. It’s sweet and delicious, never cloying. The chocolate flavor is perfection. Best of all, the texture is so smooth it’s devastating. And guess what? It’s even more delizioso served warm, as Silvo Metetti intended. This is the perfect drink to sip by the fire with someone special. $27.


Barrel Aged Cocktails by Fluid Dynamics – Create the perfect holiday mood with a perfectly mixed cocktail. How, you ask, with a Fluid Dynamics barrel aged cocktails. Wait…Barrel aged cocktail? Yep, it is true, the folks at Fluid Dynamics have barrel aged a set of three classic cocktails. The results are amazing. The perfectly balanced flavors of the Brandy Manhattan, the 1850 and the Saratoga are a revelation after six months in oak barrels. The melding of flavor is something no cocktail shaker can do. A perfect gift for someone that truly appreciates a fine cocktail. $55 for a gift box of 3 or $20 each.

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