Smoking Hot Whiskies for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day we’re highlighting a few of our whiskies.


Ardbeg TenIslay ($61)ardbeg-10-year

The Ardbeg Ten is like a guy who plays rugby in the rain.  It’s powerful, macho, unabashed, and covered in dirt. The predominant flavors are peat and smoke, but that’s not the whole story. Unlike most premium whiskies, it eschews structured elegance to achieve a brilliant-but-haphazard flavor profile. Like Jackson Pollock’s art, the excellence comes from the spirit within, not the intellectual part of the brain.

High West CampfireUtah ($55)

High West Campfire

This is not your grandfather’s blended whiskey.  Bourbon, Rye and Scotch. Together.  You get toast and smoke.  Heat and peat.  Classic sweet bourbon taste, with cereal dry rye.  Like one of those impossible honey-oat-white-chocolate-cherry-macadamia cookies, it all melds together into its own unique, awesome, gooey thing.  What’s going on?  The High West people do what’s not been done before.  They opened a distillery in dry-state Utah.  And now they give you American Whiskey with smoke.  Give it up for these craft spirits innovators, but don’t buy too much. This is what we like to drink at home.

Auchentoshan 12 – Lowland ($55)

Auchentoshan-Scotch-Aged-12-YearsEvery Olivier needs its McKellan; Jackson Pollock means nothing without Rothko; and the focus of Homem-Christo makes Bangalter’s sparks ignite.  That’s what’s going on with the Auchentoshan 12. There is no smoke, no raging heat, no dirt.  Just gentle, inviting warmth. Then classic, welcome elegant flavors: sweet barley, fruitcake, cereal, and a long structured finish. This isn’t just a clean rugby player, it’s a different animal altogether—maybe a tennis player or an expert cricketer.  Best of all, you can pair this one with a cigar.

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