Thanksgiving Spirits Recommendations

Thanksgiving is about American History. And America is about bourbon and rye. These two delicious products both have historical connections. And if things get out of hand, they go great with stuffing and gravy.

Hooker’s House Bourbon
We are still excited about this new double-barreled bourbon. It’s finished in Pinot Noir barrels – right here in Sonoma. You get a toffee-sweet amazing mouthful of dark fruit jam, vanilla, honey sweetness and rich rye spice. (The name Hooker’s House comes from a Civil War General, Joseph Hooker – who lived in Sonoma before returning to fight for his country in the civil war.) $38

James E. Pepper 1776 Rye
This is a historic whiskey brand that truly dates back to 1776. The distillation method recreates an old style High-Rye Whiskey. On the nose you get spicy rye, clove, and chocolate. On the palate rye, cinnamon, dark chocolate, pepper with a bit of butter cream, orange spice cake, and charcoal. The finish is long and smooth with hints of vanilla and honey. This is the perfect way to finish the holiday. $27

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